In this section, we have collected Frequently Asked Questions that have been asked in recent years. If you did not find an answer to your question - write to us, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Hello, I would like to buy a balalaika, but I'm afraid to send money to Russia for strangers. How can I be sure that I will get my instrument?

Hello, we have been working in the market for many years, and we value our reputation. We can provide you with contacts of some of our customers in different countries of the world, and you can contact them on social networks and learn their experience.

There are a lot of offers from the renowned XXXX brand online, and they have cheaper balalaikas and domras, why should I buy from you?

Ethics do not allow us to talk badly about our competitors. XXXX instruments are the rebranding of the Lunacharsky factory, and we have a different target audience. You can find detailed XXXX reviews on the Google Network. The wood material that we use and that we purchase often costs more than our competitors instrument. We focus, as well as on the lovers of Russian music who want to get a balalaika or a domra of the highest level, or for those who wish to or already performs on stage. Our prices are approximately equal to the costs of Tchaikovsky's factory instruments, but you get a better domra or balalaika in almost every case since we always carefully select which domras and balalaikas we put for sale in our store.

Why are the prices on your web site lower than the prices in your eBay and Amazon store?

Public sales stores like eBay and Amazon have a high commission for sellers, which is ultimately paid by the buyer. This site is designed to provide my customers with the same balalaikas and domras that you see on those public sales stores but at lower prices. We deduct a commission and give discounts to customers who contact us directly through contacts on this web site.

I do not know whether I will play professionally or not. Is it possible to buy an inexpensive instrument?

Yes, it is possible. For those who want to try to learn how to play balalaika or domra - we can make an inexpensive but high-quality instrument (waiting time is 4-5 weeks). The instrument will be made according to all technologies and will sound good. The only difference in comparison with the concert domra or balalaika will be wood material that is used. For example, we will use plain maple instead of flame maple or grab wood instead if ebony, etc.). This domra or balalaika ordered from us will serve you for many years.

I would like to buy a domra or a balalaika for a child, can I get some discount?

We try always to meet the needs of our customers - email us, and we will make something up.

How can I make a payment?

We accept payment in two options - Bank Wired Money Transfer (standard bank transfer) and PayPal (with + 10% added to the price). When paying with PayPal, we have to add 10% to the cost of instruments, since PayPal has a very high commission when converting and withdrawing money in Russia.

What postal service do you use to send domra and balalaika from Russia?

For shipments of domras and balalaikas we use EMS express mail. Shipping usually takes 8-12 business days to almost anywhere in the world. On the New Year's holidays, the shipping time may be increased up to 20-25 days.

Can I buy a hard case for domra or balalaika?

We use high-quality AMC hard cases for all our instruments. Hard cases are included in the set of some top-level balalaikas and domras. To the instruments with which the cases are not included in the set - the hard cases can be ordered separately; the production time is 2-5 days.

We have an ensemble of Russian folk instruments, we want to order hard cases and soft cases for the whole group, can we do it?

Sure, email us or send us a message on what's up.

I would like to assemble my ensemble of Russian folk instruments, but I don't know where to start. Can you help me?

Of course, email us or send us a message on what's up. We will be glad to help you.


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