Balalaika alto and balalaika sekunda pro-student grade folk music instrument



Up for sale is a pro-student grade, new old stock Balalaika alto and balalaika sekunda folk music instrument with maple body. 



Those pro-student grade balalaikas features a maple back, a rosewood neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a resonant spruce top. Those instruments were a store demo for quite a bit and has a faded finish (it's not glossy now), has couple of minor cosmetic blemishes but nothing that could affect the sound. 


Despite of that both balalaikas play and sound great - loud and wide and you can use it for both solo and orchestra performances.



Please let us know if you have any questions about this beautiful instruments, and be sure to check out our other auctions to see more A. Tsygankov balalaikas and domras that we offer. 


A gig-bag will included in the auction and we will pack very securely. 


Please send us a message if you're interested in getting an A. Tsygankov workshop instrument for yourself.




Dear friends! On February 24th, 2022, a tragic event occurred that is incomprehensible to any normal and rational person. None of the employees of the A.Tsygankov workshop support the war with Ukraine, and we also sincerely regret that Russia is the initiator of this terrible conflict and apologize to the whole world for the actions of our authorities.

As the leader of the workshop, I give a public promise that not a single cent received from the sale of our instruments will go towards financing this monstrous war. We remain committed to supporting Russian culture and traditional Russian music, and we continue to ship our instruments worldwide. The estimated delivery time is currently about two to three weeks. For countries where there is no postal service available from Russia (such as Australia), we deliver our instruments through Turkey or our partners in Kazakhstan, which takes a couple of days longer. Additionally, we have bank accounts in other countries for the payments, so our customers do not need to send money to Russia and explain the purpose of payments to their banks. 





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