Concert grade Russian BALALAIKA folk instrument made by Zubchenko

Up for sale is a beautiful, "special order" level Zubchenko Balalaika instrument with amazing flamed maple back. We sold dozens on Zubchenko instruments over last three years but it's a first time I'm offering a concert-grade Zubchenko balalaika for sale.
This instrument is brand new and completed in August 2019. The Balalaika is made of old, highest-quality, premium woods – the body is made of naturally dried highly flamed maple; the body top is resonant spruce; the neck is combination on woods. 
This instrument has an outstanding concert-quality sound, has a beautiful tone with complex overtones and long sustain. 
You will enjoy its beautiful tone right at the moment when you'll take it in your hands and play the first chord!!  
The craftsmanship and build quality are just great, the frets are perfects and the finish is smooth as silk) 
High-quality case is not included to an auction for can be purchased for a street price of 150$.
This Balalaika was carefully inspected by maestro Alexander Tsygankov himself (my dad), who is "People's artist of the Russian Federation" and a professor at Gnesin's Academy of Music.  We have one more Pavlov balalaika for sale on eBay, and it's super cool as well.  Send me a message if you have any questions about this beautiful instrument.  
We have sold dozens of top-level Russian Balalaikas and Domra over the last three years. You can type my " Pupsishnupsi " account name in Google search to see lots of the pictures of a sold instruments.  
Let us know if you are interested in obtaining other premium-quality Russian folk instruments (domras and balalaikas and their variations – also, seconds, basses, tenors, etc….) made by best Russian luthiers: Mukhin, Khulakov, Makeev, Pavlov, Simakov, Kostin, Valeullin, Serjantov,  and many others… We can get you almost anything you might be looking for and will carefully inspect every instrument before buying and shipping them to you.  


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