Brand New HIGHEST GRADE 4 string Russian DOMRA made by Tchaikovsky luthier!

Up for sale is an outstanding, FANTASTIC sounding, highest grade four-string Domra instrument with highly flamed maple back upgrade, ovangkol neck, and "pantzir"!  It's handmade by one of the best modern instrument makers - Valeulin who is of the active "top tier" Tchaikovsky factory luthiers. 

This instrument is brand new and was completed in April 2021. The Domra is made of aged, premium woods, naturally dried (not kiln-dried) flamed maple; the body top is resonant spruce; the neck is an ovangkol and the fretboard is EBONY

Look at the beauty of this exclusive instrument!! The built quality is super-accurate like it was made using CNC machines, but it's 100% handmade. Please check the photos to see how accurate the craftsmanship is. 

The sound of this instrument is full and mellow with lush overtones. It sounds wide, warm, and deep with lots of low end on the fourth string!  More to say - it does sound as good and longer scale three-string concert domras that we sell and this is quite unique.

This instrument is a one-in-a-lifetime investment and chances are that you won't ever need another four-string domra after getting this one.


Attention: Dear buyers! Please note that due to Covid shipping delays (1-3 months of waiting time), we cannot ship by EMS express anymore.

Starting May 1st - all international shipments are sent by DPD (UPS) / FedEx Express with shipping time reduced to 1-2 weeks worldwide. We partially cover the shipping cost/packaging but please expect the shipping price to be between 150$ and 200$ depending on where you live. 



All instruments that we sell are chosen and selected by maestro Alexander Tsygankov himself (my dad, who is People's Artist of the Russian Federation and a professor at Gnesin's Academy of Music).

My dad is always auditioning our instruments prior we put them on eBay and I'm very picky when it comes to construction quality as I was dealing with the production of boutique custom electric guitars for all of my life. So you get that double control on our side.


Send me a message if you have any questions about this beautiful Domra. The case is not included in an auction but I'll pack very well. If you'd like to have a hard case - we can get you a high-quality AMC case at the manufacturer's price of 150$. 




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