Fantastic sounding 2012 concert 4 string Russian DOMRA made by legendary luthier

Up for sale is a GREAT sounding, concert grade, four-string Domra instrument with flame maple back. 
This concert grade instrument was made in 2012 by Savelyiev - one of the best living 4 string domra luthiers, who was one of the inventors of a Russian domra in its modern form back in the 80s. There are many fans of Savelyiev instruments in Russia, "pro" players are using those onstage and here's your chance to get one! 
It is in perfect technical condition and 100% ready to play! Cosmetically - there's are some minor dings and scratches but none of those affect the playability of the instrument.  This is quality of this build is fantastic and it plays as good (if not better) as many modern high-end 4 string domras out there.
The sound of the Domra is just great - bright, loud, full, and open at the same time. 
The construction is rock solid - there are no "breathing" cracks anywhere, constructively it's very tight built and you will feel the quality right at the moment when you take it in your hands. The woods are spruce top, ebony neck, ebony "pantzir" part, and flamed maple back. 
You can definitely perform as a solo artist with this domra or participate in the orchestra. 
As mentioned above - the instrument is 100% ready to play, has around 80% of life remaining in its frets, and does not demand any investments. 
This instrument was also checked by maestro Alexander Tsygankov himself (my dad, who is People's Artist of the Russian Federation and a professor at Gnesin's Academy of Music).
My dad is always auditioning our instruments prior to we put them on eBay and I'm very picky when it comes to construction quality as I was dealing with the production of boutique custom electric guitars for all of my life. So you get that double control on our side.!
Send me a message if you have any questions about this beautiful Domra. The case is not included in an auction but I'll pack very well. If you'd like a hard case - I can get you a high-quality AMC case at the manufacturers' price of 150$. 


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