Highest Grade Russian DOMRA BASS made in 95' by a great luthier

Up for sale is a highest grade DOMRA BASS instrument with a flamed maple back. It was handmade by one of the ex-Tchaikovsky factory domra builders, Rybakov back in 1995'. The neck is made of tinted maple and deep purple in color. 
The sound of this domra bass is just great - it's deep and warm, loud, full of rich overtones. I can send you a video link upon request. 
The built quality is very accurate and a padded soft case (semi-hard) is included in an auction. 
The size of this instrument is HUGE. You can definitely use this domra as a substitute for your acoustic bass guitar and impress people with its size and round shape.  The good news is - this domra fits right under maximum EMS dimensions when packed and I can ship it for 120$ worldwide without using an expensive freight air mail. 
An instrument like this will cost you way more than 2K$ if ordered from the Tchaikovsky factory these days and the queue will be until 2023. 
Send me a message if you have any questions about this beautiful Domra Bass. 
More photos of this instrument can be found on our official website as I can only upload 12 photos here on eBay. 
We have sold dozens of top-level Russian Balalaikas and Domras over the last three years. You can type our " Pupsishnupsi " account name in Google search to see pictures of our sold instruments.  
Let us know if you are interested in obtaining other premium-quality Russian folk instruments (domras, balalaikas, seconds, basses, tenors, etc.) made by the best Russian luthiers: Mukhin, Khulakov, Makeev, Simakov, Kostin, Valeylin, Serjantov,  and many other luthiers. We can get you almost anything you might be looking for and will carefully inspect every instrument before buying and shipping it to you.


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