Incredible-sounding 4 string Russian folk DOMRA made by I.V. Emeliyanov

Up for sale is an amazing four-string concert grade domra prima instrument with flame maple back made by one and the only Igor Vladimirovich Emeliyanov - the legendary domra builder who was one of those luthiers who invented domras in its modern form. 
The domra sounds incredible - far better than most of the modern instruments. And yes, it has that silky, Emeliyanov timbre and you know and can't go wrong with it. This domra was made in 1977, and it's legal to sell it and to send it abroad from Russia.
The condition is very good despite its age, the paint/lacquer was refreshed by one of the top-tier Tchaikovsky factory luthiers. 
The frets are new, the string action is super-low with no fret-buzz and the instrument is ready to be played. 
This instrument was auditioned and checked by maestro A.Tsygankov and received a positive review from him (People's Artist of the Russian Federation and a professor at Gnesin's Academy of Music and my dad). Btw, my dad's main concert instrument for the last 40 years is also a domra-made I.V. Emelyanov. 
The original hard case is included in the auction and I will pack very well.  If you'd like to get a new hard case - I can get you a high-quality AMC case at the manufacturer's price of 150$.  PM me if you have any questions about this beautiful Domra. 
More photos of this instrument can be found on our official website as I can only upload 12 photos here on eBay. 
We have sold dozens of top-level Russian Balalaikas and Domras over the last three years. You can type our " Pupsishnupsi " account name in Google search to see pictures of our sold instruments.  
Let us know if you are interested in obtaining other premium-quality Russian folk instruments (domras, balalaikas, seconds, basses, tenors, etc.) made by the best Russian luthiers: Mukhin, Khulakov, Makeev, Pavlovs, Simakov, Kostin, Valeylin, Serjantov,  and many other luthiers. We can get you almost anything you might be looking for and will carefully inspect every instrument before buying and shipping it to you.


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