Just in! Amazing sounding Used Concert Grade Ebony Balalaika prima made by renowned luthier

Up for sale is concert-grade, unique ebony used Russian Balalaika instrument with heavily-flamed maple back made at Grebennikov workshop. 
It was built about 10 years ago. 
This instrument has an outstanding concert-quality sound, has a beautiful tone with complex overtones and long sustain.
It is a super loud instrument, we were shocked by how loud it is when we heard it for the first time.
It's 40% louder than any prima balalaika we ever had for sale….think Iike it has a small amplifier inside (but it's not of cause)
The flame maple body has some insane wood figuring, both vertical and horizontal at the same time.
The 'pantzir', fretboard and whole neck is made of solid ebony. The frets are stainless steel and will last forever (or little less ;)
There are some finish imperfections that can be seen in the pictures — it has some dents and scratches in a good quantity.  
You can also slightly feel flame wood figuring under the laquer when you touch the balalaika body —  this happens sometimes on heavily-flamed instruments as this kind of wood may absorb laquer unevenly during final stages of the painting process. 
Otherwise — this balalaika is one of the best sounding instruments we ever had for sale!! 
The string action is great, there is no fret buzz anywhere on the neck and this balalaika is 100% ready to perform on stage. 
You will enjoy its beautiful tone right at the moment when you'll take it in your hands and play the first chord!!  
High-quality case is not included to an auction for can be purchased for a street price of 150$.


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