Just in! Great sounding first grade BALALAIKA made by modern luthier

Just in!  Great sounding first-grade balalaika with amazing curly/ flamed maple body, ebony neck, and dark rosewood "pantzir" shield! 


This beautiful balalaika was built by D.Alexandrov luthier who has won numerous luthiers contests in Russia. His domras and balalaikas landed top places in recent years All-Russia «Sozvezdie Masterov» Luthiers contest. While moderately priced — D.Alexandrov instruments are top build quality and sound comes really close to concert level instruments. 


This beautiful balalaika is new old stock, it was made in 2018. The interesting fact is that this balalaika was considered as "first-grade" balalaika by luthier but the woods that were used to build this balalaika are way above its grade and easily compete with the highest and concert grade balalaikas that cost twice as much.


Just look at this stunning balalaika body! The body was made using curly flamed maple, the neck and fretboard are made of ebony, the headstock and the "pantzir" shield were made of dark rosewood. Not even all "highest" and "concert level" balalaikas have those wood options. 

The sound of this instrument is full, bright and loud.



So if you're looking for a great looking and sounding instrument made of best woods without spending too much money - here's your chance to get one! 

Please note that due super curly structure of the body wood - there are small pits in the finishing layer as the lacquer filled in those wood figurings. This applies only to lacquer finish and does not change the sound properties of the instrument. 




All instruments that we sell are inspected by maestro Alexander Tsygankov himself (my dad, who is 'People's Artist of the Russian Federation and a professor at Gnesin's Academy of Music). My dad is always auditioning our instruments prior to we put it on eBay or on our website and I'm very picky when it comes to construction quality as I'm dealing with the production of high-end boutique custom electric guitars for all of my life. 



Send me a message if you have any questions about this beautiful Balalaika. The case is not included in an auction but I'll pack very well. If you'd like a hard case - I can get you a high-quality AMC case at manufacturers' price of 150$. 



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