Great customer service and reasonable prices. Emails were answered right away in a friendly, professional manner. Quality of instruments was superb! I got exactly what I wanted in terms of sound and workmanship. I highly recommend this site. 5/5

Natasha Lozovsky-Burns, RCC Balalaika Orchestra, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Bought 2 Prima 3 string Domras from Anton. One by special order, “left handed” instrument and a high quality right hand instrument. Very happy with Anton’s service, professional and reliable”.

Victor Serghie, Musical Director, Sydney Balalaika Orchestra

"100% satisfaction - with the quality of instruments, with the purchase process and with communication" 

Anna Bujala , University of Lodz, Poland

I purchased an exceptional balalaika from Anton several years ago. The quality of the instrument was well beyond expectations; clear, clean sound, perfectly tuned, and exceptional stage projection. I was so impressed by the quality of the instrument, I purchased a domra as well. Being shipped to North America, Anton ensured the utmost safety of the instruments. I cannot recommend Anton highly enough if you are seeking professional instruments of the highest quality.

Tamara, Texas, USA

I purchased a prima balalaika made by Pavlov in 2017 and am very happy with it. It is a quality instrument both in tone and appearance and I recommend Pavlov as a luthier."

Peter, California, USA

I just wanted to give a shout out on behalf of Anton Tsygankov. 

The quality of instruments he offers, uniquely crafted by master luthiers, far surpasses that of other instruments I've found offered online. I speak from experience, having also acquired a cheaper instrument elsewhere that I discovered to be inferior both in workmanship and in sound. 

Anton has become my "go to" person when I'm looking for a superior instrument that I can count on for beauty you can both hear and see. I also appreciate the quality assurance that comes with Anton's father being the famed domra virtuoso, Alexander Tsygankov. Knowing that each instrument offered by Anton has been inspected and approved by Maestro Tsygankov, I know that any balalaika or domra I acquire from him will be the best that money can buy.

Finally, each time I've ordered an instrument from Anton, he has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have had the best customer experience I could ever imagine. 

Based on my multiple experiences dealing with Anton, I can wholeheartedly recommend him for all your balalaika and domra needs.

Russ Herbert, California, USA

I've been dealing with Anton for several years now and every time he has shown great desire to do everything possible to get me a great instrument for the best price. I was very happy to get from him several domras (one top-level Domra made by Serjantov), balalaikas, hard instrument cases, strings and was never disappointed in him.

Nulana, York, Pennsylvania

I played in the University of Wisconsin Russian Folk Orchestra throughout the past 18 years and for the 20th Anniversary concert, I was able to purchase a fabulous Pavlov prima balalaika from Anton Tsygankov.  This is the second Pavlov I have owned, and this one that I purchased from Anton is superb!  The sound is amazing and the beautiful case protects the instrument very well.  I highly recommend any artist who truly loves playing the balalaika, as I do, should contact Anton and purchase one of these wonderful handmade balalaikas from one of the best makers in Russia!  You will not regret purchasing a Pavlov.  Play the best, play a Pavlov!

David Wiedenkeller, Wisconsin 


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